George Saxon & David Ferry | Double Gaze | projekcje wideo, obiekty | 2004

kuratorka: Joanna Hoffmann 

David Ferry is represented at the ON Gallery in Poznan, with selected photomontage and video from an on going series called ‘The Window Seat‘. An expanded version of this exhibition called `Montage Projects was held at the Amilie A. Wallace Gallery in New York in 2003. His `artists books` were the subject of British national touring exhibition in 1999-2001,which further toured to the Avram Gallery on Long Island in New York in 2002.

“The Artist grew up in the 1970`s, a decade during which the bleak economic and political landscape generated the `punk rock` movement and resulted in a profound sense of alienation and of not belonging, a context that also helps to define `Montage Projects`. It is perhaps because of this fact that the artist creates images generating déjà vu impressions and a strange disjointed feeling of intimacy, of being at ease with that very sense of not belonging.”

Catherine Bernard, Director, Amilie A. Wallace Gallery New York. (Essay extract 2003)

David Ferry was a  reciprocate of The Pollock/Krasner Foundation Award to Artists from New York in 2002.

„In his series of small collages David Ferry has checked his cultural baggage. There are no distinctive landmarks, only subjectively assembled fragments that record topography. The view through these windows is toward an inner world.”

Helen A. Harrison, The New York Times, (Review extract, 2002)